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Make an Authors Day - Leave a Review!

As a reader and a writer, I’ve always enjoyed sharing my opinion on various books I’ve read. Long before the internet existed if I’d enjoyed a book I would recommend it to friends, often resulting in some great discussions.

Since 2009 I have been reviewing books on Goodreads a

site that connects readers to review and discuss books. I also review for

Netgalley, which is a website that offers digital proofs known as an ‘ARC’ (Advanced

Reading Copy) to book bloggers etc in return for an honest review.

I have always been invested in reading and reviewing but

it has only been since my first book was published in March 2020 that I’ve fully

understood the importance of leaving a book review for other readers and for

the author, after all, you’ve invested a great deal of your time in reading

their work.

Each review helps not just the reader who is looking for

their next book to devour, but it also helps the writer in so many ways, even a

a negative review can be helpful as long as it’s fair and constructive criticism.

A review doesn’t have to complicated to benefit both

reader and author – a quick ‘I enjoyed this book’ or such like is great

feedback and for authors, it can increase visibility which in turn can lead to

more sales and a review can also help the author identify any areas that need

addressing as much as knowing when things have worked well.

For me, when reviewing a book I consider the following


For fiction:

* Were the characters relatable?

* Did the story hold my interest and keep me turning the


* Would I read a book by this author again?

For non-fiction:

* Was this well written and easy to read? Did it keep me

turning the pages?

* Was it too academic or not academic enough?

* Did I learn anything?

Please share your love of books and bring happiness to an

author by letting them know you’ve read their work, after all, it's likely they

will have spent many hours researching and writing on their own, and it’s ultimately sharing their work with you that keeps them going!

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