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We Didn't Start The Fire!

Shar talks to Katie Puckrik & Tom Fordyce about the life and times of Marilyn Monroe (click on the image to listen to the podcast)

Norma Jean is surely the most iconic figure of the 20th century. She was painted by men, photographed, directed and loved by men. She was also resented, abused, and put in a strait jacket. Author and Marilyn megafan since the age of 7 Shar Daws talks with Tom and Katie about the truth behind the blonde: strong, smart, and vastly underestimated.

About this Podcast:

A modern history podcast inspired by the lyrics of Billy Joel. Billy didn’t just write an unforgettable smash-hit with ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’, he also created the most fascinating, random and original history of the post-war world. Each episode, a new lyric and a fresh subject, all presented by Katie Puckrik and Tom Fordyce. It's politics, rock 'n' roll, sport, space, television, the Cold War, explored and explained by historians, eyewitnesses, and mega-fans. Billy started it. We're going to finish it. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @spreadthatfire, or share your thoughts and stories with us

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